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You won't find a friendlier or more generous Las Vegas Casino. Our gaming floor has a reputation for being one of the loosest in the city, so be sure to stop by and try your luck! We're celebrating winners on a daily basis - could you be next?

Winner Amount Casino
QI $24,110.00 GT
MELVIN $19,637.99 Green Valley Ranch
RICHARD $16,135.00 GT
HANG $15,000.00 Palace Station
MARTIN $12,000.00 Red Rock
TOBY $10,105.09 Red Rock
EI $10,000.00 GT
ROSE $10,000.00 Sunset Station
JONATHAN $9,861.00 GT
SUSAN $8,030.00 GT
CANDI $8,000.00 Red Rock
MICHAEL $8,000.00 Santa Fe
BYRON $7,694.00 FH
CHEN WEI $7,521.90 GT
JODY $7,222.08 Red Rock
GLORIA $7,063.00 Texas Station
SERGIO $7,000.00 Boulder Station
DAVID $6,850.00 Green Valley Ranch
RICHARD $6,475.00 Green Valley Ranch
SHANNON $6,078.00 Santa Fe
ANN $5,889.00 Santa Fe
DOROTHY $5,172.82 GT
YONG $5,040.00 GT
BRUCE $4,991.00 Fiesta Rancho
MICHAEL $4,712.00 Green Valley Ranch
KATHLEEN $4,700.00 Boulder Station
RICK $4,526.75 GT
JOHN $4,500.00 Red Rock
NICHOLAS $4,400.00 Santa Fe
KATHERINE $4,364.00 Sunset Station
FRANK $4,362.00 Green Valley Ranch
PRESTON $4,290.00 Palace Station
NEIL $4,135.00 Red Rock
JOY $4,120.00 Palace Station
JENNIFER $4,088.00 Red Rock
JULIE $4,070.00 Green Valley Ranch
JESUS $4,048.00 Boulder Station
SUSAN $4,035.00 GT
FRANK $4,031.00 Green Valley Ranch
JAMES $4,030.00 Green Valley Ranch
NICHOLAS $4,030.00 Santa Fe
JONATHON $4,020.00 Green Valley Ranch
CHARLIE $4,013.75 Red Rock
CHRISTOPHER $4,010.00 Sunset Station
NELSON $4,000.00 Boulder Station
KINH $4,000.00 Boulder Station
ARICA $4,000.00 Fiesta Rancho
FAITH $4,000.00 GT
JANA $4,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
LINN $4,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
JASON $4,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
ZENAIDA $4,000.00 Palace Station
ALAN $4,000.00 Red Rock
YOLANDA $4,000.00 Red Rock
MAGGIE $4,000.00 Red Rock
DENNIS $4,000.00 Santa Fe
LEON $4,000.00 Santa Fe
JESIE $4,000.00 Sunset Station
PRESTON $3,880.00 Palace Station
PRESTON $3,800.00 Palace Station
WAN $3,763.70 GT
MKULIMA $3,750.00 GT
MKULIMA $3,750.00 GT
BYRON $3,725.00 FH
GLORIA $3,715.00 Texas Station
ROBERT $3,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
EUGENE $3,600.00 Sunset Station
MICHAEL $3,500.75 Palace Station
LAURA $3,320.00 Red Rock
HAROLD $3,315.00 GT
DOLORES $3,266.49 GT
AIDA $3,240.00 GT
ANDREW $3,230.00 GT
DANIEL $3,215.00 Red Rock
JANE $3,200.00 Green Valley Ranch
NICHOLAS $3,200.00 Santa Fe
VERNON $3,181.30 FH
BYRON $3,181.00 FH
JOYCE $3,165.00 Green Valley Ranch
JORGE $3,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
CARL $3,000.00 Red Rock
KAREN $3,000.00 Red Rock
DONNA $3,000.00 Red Rock
JERRY $2,952.00 Red Rock
QI $2,886.00 GT
PAULETTE $2,873.23 Santa Fe
ISSAM $2,825.00 GT
AIDA $2,820.00 GT
EDWARD $2,778.00 Green Valley Ranch
ISSAM $2,700.00 GT
SAMER $2,700.00 Red Rock
PRESTON $2,610.00 Palace Station
SUSAN $2,600.00 GT
AIDA $2,580.00 GT
JOSEPH $2,574.71 FH
QI $2,514.00 GT
PEGGY $2,513.00 Green Valley Ranch
RACHEL $2,510.00 Palace Station
LINDA $2,500.00 Boulder Station
MARY $2,500.00 GT
GREGORY $2,500.00 GT
LINDA $2,500.00 GT
ANGELA $2,500.00 GT
ANGELA $2,500.00 GT
CHARLES $2,450.00 Red Rock
MIESHA $2,443.60 Texas Station
JOY $2,414.00 Palace Station
PATRICIA $2,406.00 Green Valley Ranch
SHARYN $2,405.00 Sunset Station
MILLICENT $2,400.00 Red Rock
CORRINE $2,400.00 Red Rock
CHARLES $2,400.00 Red Rock
JAMES $2,400.00 Red Rock
ZIPORAH $2,386.00 Green Valley Ranch
AKOS $2,373.75 Red Rock
BRIDGITTE $2,370.00 GT
AIDA $2,367.00 GT
BRIDGITTE $2,355.00 GT
JIM $2,355.00 Santa Fe
DONNA $2,350.00 Fiesta Rancho
MARIA $2,325.00 GT
CHRISTINA $2,310.00 GT
THEODORA $2,263.15 Red Rock
MICHAEL $2,250.00 FH
CHARLES $2,250.00 Red Rock
VICTOR $2,238.50 GT
PRESTON $2,210.00 Palace Station
MICHAEL $2,200.00 Fiesta Rancho
DANIEL $2,198.00 Santa Fe
AIDA $2,187.00 GT
CANDELARIA $2,160.00 Fiesta Rancho
THOMAS $2,160.00 GT
MODESTO $2,160.00 GT
SUSAN $2,135.00 GT
SABRINA $2,132.00 Texas Station
SUSAN $2,115.00 GT
CARMELA $2,115.00 Texas Station
BARRY $2,094.00 Palace Station
SUSAN $2,090.00 GT
LINDA $2,085.00 Santa Fe
BARBARA $2,083.80 Green Valley Ranch
SUSAN $2,075.00 GT
SUSAN $2,060.00 GT
JOY $2,060.00 Palace Station
JOY $2,060.00 Palace Station
SUSAN $2,040.00 GT
JONATHON $2,040.00 Green Valley Ranch
PATRICK $2,036.00 Red Rock
JOYCE $2,032.50 Green Valley Ranch
ROBERT $2,030.00 Palace Station
KIM $2,028.75 Sunset Station
FRANK $2,027.00 Green Valley Ranch
TAMARA $2,025.00 GT
CAROL $2,025.00 Green Valley Ranch
ANGELO $2,024.00 Green Valley Ranch
WILLIAM $2,021.50 FH
JOY $2,020.00 Palace Station
SUYAPA $2,016.00 Boulder Station
KATHRYN $2,016.00 Green Valley Ranch
KEVIN $2,015.00 Red Rock
ARICA $2,010.00 Fiesta Rancho
ARICA $2,010.00 Fiesta Rancho
JAMES $2,010.00 Palace Station
DOUGLAS $2,010.00 Red Rock
FREDERICK $2,007.50 FH
SUSAN $2,005.00 GT
NEIL $2,005.00 Red Rock
DONALD $2,005.00 Red Rock
LE $2,002.50 Red Rock
CHRISTOPHER $2,002.50 Santa Fe
PETER $2,000.00 Boulder Station
JENNIFER $2,000.00 Boulder Station
BEATRICE $2,000.00 Boulder Station
JENNIFER $2,000.00 Boulder Station
DALE $2,000.00 FH
DEBRA $2,000.00 FH
JOSHUA $2,000.00 FH
MICHAEL $2,000.00 FH
MICHAEL $2,000.00 FH
JACK $2,000.00 Fiesta Rancho
CHARLES $2,000.00 Fiesta Rancho
CARLOS $2,000.00 Fiesta Rancho
REGINA $2,000.00 Fiesta Rancho
SHANNON $2,000.00 GT
ROBERT $2,000.00 GT
ANNA $2,000.00 GT
EI $2,000.00 GT
FAITH $2,000.00 GT
SUSAN $2,000.00 GT
DIANE $2,000.00 GT
SAM $2,000.00 GT
JOSEPH $2,000.00 GT
DAVID $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
CLAIRE $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
PATRICIA $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
KATHY $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
JANET $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
MICHAEL $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
MARK $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
RONALD $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
DAWN $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
SUSAN $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
ZIPORAH $2,000.00 Green Valley Ranch
DARREN $2,000.00 Palace Station
GAIL $2,000.00 Palace Station
JOY $2,000.00 Red Rock
JAMES $2,000.00 Red Rock
MARK $2,000.00 Red Rock
LAWRENCE $2,000.00 Red Rock
KATHERINE $2,000.00 Red Rock
DONNA $2,000.00 Red Rock
MICHELE $2,000.00 Red Rock
AMY $2,000.00 Red Rock
MICHELE $2,000.00 Red Rock
RUBEN $2,000.00 Red Rock
AMY $2,000.00 Red Rock
KATHRYN $2,000.00 Red Rock
SANDRA $2,000.00 Red Rock
KATHRYN $2,000.00 Red Rock
KATHRYN $2,000.00 Red Rock
RICHARD $2,000.00 Red Rock
ELEONORE $2,000.00 Red Rock
ELEONORE $2,000.00 Red Rock
SUSAN $2,000.00 Red Rock
YOLANDA $2,000.00 Red Rock
CHARLES $2,000.00 Red Rock
ANDREW $2,000.00 Red Rock
DONALD $2,000.00 Red Rock
ROBERT $2,000.00 Santa Fe
LAURA $2,000.00 Santa Fe
CYNTHIA $2,000.00 Santa Fe
JENNIFER $2,000.00 Santa Fe
DONNA $2,000.00 Santa Fe
JANET $2,000.00 Sunset Station
LARRY $2,000.00 Sunset Station
CAROL $2,000.00 Sunset Station
PATRICIA $2,000.00 Sunset Station
ROSALIE $2,000.00 Sunset Station
PAUL $2,000.00 Sunset Station
ANDREA $2,000.00 Sunset Station
DIANA $2,000.00 Texas Station
LIZBETH $2,000.00 Texas Station
SUSAN $1,970.00 GT
PHILLIP $1,964.76 Red Rock
SUSAN $1,960.00 GT
RAYMOND $1,923.56 GT
GONZALO $1,911.16 GT
GENEEN $1,884.00 GT
EMMANUEL $1,876.75 Boulder Station
TERRY $1,875.00 GT
SANDRA $1,875.00 GT
CARL $1,875.00 Red Rock
JULIA $1,833.20 GT
QI $1,830.00 GT
SYLVIA $1,806.78 FH
RENATO $1,800.00 GT
MICHAEL $1,783.75 FH
JOYCE $1,780.00 Green Valley Ranch
BYRON $1,765.00 FH
QUINNECIA $1,751.10 Boulder Station
JUSTIN $1,750.50 Green Valley Ranch
VIOLA $1,750.25 Boulder Station
MARK $1,750.00 Boulder Station
MARVIN $1,750.00 Red Rock
JAMES $1,750.00 Santa Fe
RAYMOND $1,724.57 Texas Station
QI $1,700.00 GT
VERONICA $1,700.00 Red Rock
DANG $1,694.75 GT
JONATHON $1,688.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,684.00 Green Valley Ranch
PAUL $1,682.50 GT
MONICCA $1,675.00 Boulder Station
CHARLES $1,670.00 Red Rock
SUSAN $1,660.00 GT
ANTHONY $1,660.00 Green Valley Ranch
ANTHONY $1,660.00 Green Valley Ranch
DENNIS $1,658.50 FH
IVAN $1,656.00 GT
MONICCA $1,653.50 Boulder Station
JOSEPHINE $1,652.00 Boulder Station
ROBERT $1,652.00 Palace Station
ERNEST $1,652.00 Santa Fe
JOYCELYN $1,649.58 GT
JESUS $1,645.60 Texas Station
JOSE $1,620.00 Sunset Station
RICHARD $1,615.00 Green Valley Ranch
MILLICENT $1,615.00 Red Rock
KEVIN $1,615.00 Red Rock
DAVID $1,611.00 Sunset Station
JULIE $1,610.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,608.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,604.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,604.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,604.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,604.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,604.00 Green Valley Ranch
JONATHON $1,604.00 Green Valley Ranch
MELVIN $1,600.00 Boulder Station
RONALD $1,600.00 Boulder Station
MYRON $1,600.00 FH
ANDREW $1,600.00 GT
ANDREW $1,600.00 GT
FAITH $1,600.00 GT
HAMZA $1,600.00 GT
FAITH $1,600.00 GT
KELLI $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
KELLI $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
BERNARD $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
CAROL $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
JOHN $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
STUART $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
RONALD $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
RONALD $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
GREGORY $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
MAURICE $1,600.00 Green Valley Ranch
ZENAIDA $1,600.00 Palace Station
ZENAIDA $1,600.00 Palace Station
PATRICIA $1,600.00 Palace Station
FRED $1,600.00 Palace Station
DIANE $1,600.00 Red Rock
*ALEXANDER $1,600.00 Red Rock
CORRINE $1,600.00 Red Rock
PATRICIA $1,600.00 Red Rock
MARY $1,600.00 Red Rock
VERGILIO $1,600.00 Santa Fe
MICHAEL $1,600.00 Santa Fe
MICHAEL $1,600.00 Santa Fe
ROSALIE $1,600.00 Sunset Station
MARIA $1,600.00 Sunset Station
HIROKO $1,592.40 Santa Fe
>QI $1,585.00 GT
ANTHONY $1,582.00 FH
LINDA $1,575.00 Santa Fe
IDALIA $1,574.00 Sunset Station
FAYE $1,567.00 Sunset Station
SHARLEEN $1,560.12 GT
ALLEN $1,559.00 FH
SEAN $1,557.65 GT
RICHARD $1,552.00 Boulder Station
MICHAEL $1,550.00 GT
MOHAMMED $1,550.00 Palace Station
LISA $1,550.00 Red Rock
GARY $1,546.00 Sunset Station
ANDY $1,540.00 GT
VERONICA $1,540.00 Red Rock
SUSAN $1,538.00 GT
JOANN $1,538.00 Sunset Station
FRANCES $1,536.75 Green Valley Ranch
DAVID $1,531.51 Palace Station
HUONG $1,530.00 Red Rock
KATHLEEN $1,526.35 Green Valley Ranch
GWEN $1,526.00 Sunset Station
GWEN $1,524.00 Sunset Station
IDALIA $1,517.00 Sunset Station
LARISSA $1,516.25 Red Rock
VICTORIA $1,506.25 Red Rock
TAMMY $1,504.00 Sunset Station
LANCE $1,500.00 GT
TERRY $1,500.00 GT
MARY $1,500.00 GT
RYAN $1,500.00 Green Valley Ranch
DEBORAH $1,500.00 Green Valley Ranch
CHRISTOPHER $1,500.00 Red Rock
LINDA $1,500.00 Red Rock
DOMINICK $1,500.00 Red Rock
SANJA $1,500.00 Red Rock
SHANNON $1,500.00 Santa Fe
CYNTHIA $1,500.00 Santa Fe
SUSAN $1,495.00 GT
BARIS $1,495.00 Sunset Station
AIDA $1,488.00 GT
KELVIN $1,488.00 Sunset Station
MELI $1,486.90 GT
PATRICIA $1,474.40 Sunset Station
AIDA $1,464.00 GT
ALVIN $1,455.00 GT
FRED $1,440.00 Palace Station
KERRY $1,440.00 Palace Station
KRISTI $1,434.60 Green Valley Ranch
ANTHONY $1,426.80 GT
BYRON $1,420.00 FH
QI $1,420.00 GT
HAROLD $1,420.00 GT
NEIL $1,420.00 Red Rock
IM $1,417.00 GT
GLENNA $1,411.50 Palace Station
PATRICIA $1,410.00 Green Valley Ranch
ROBERT $1,404.25 Boulder Station
RUBEN $1,400.00 Boulder Station
BYRON $1,400.00 FH
JULIE $1,400.00 Green Valley Ranch
STEPHANIE $1,399.62 Red Rock
JUDI $1,393.35 Boulder Station
RAN $1,391.64 Santa Fe
TAMMI $1,385.76 Palace Station
QI $1,380.00 GT
CHRISTINA $1,375.00 GT
KELIA $1,375.00 GT
PATRICK $1,375.00 Green Valley Ranch
HUONG $1,360.00 Red Rock
ELSA $1,350.00 Boulder Station
PHUONG $1,350.00 GT
SUNCHA $1,350.00 Red Rock
EARL $1,348.08 Sunset Station
THOMAS $1,344.43 Fiesta Rancho
MARIA $1,340.00 GT
RODNEY $1,340.00 Green Valley Ranch
BARBARA $1,321.00 Green Valley Ranch
BARBARA $1,317.75 Sunset Station
QI $1,315.00 GT
RICHARD $1,300.00 Green Valley Ranch
SUSAN $1,292.50 GT
LARA $1,285.30 GT
CHRISTINA $1,285.00 GT
CHIYAKO $1,283.75 Boulder Station
DEBORAH $1,279.60 Green Valley Ranch
DIANE $1,275.00 Sunset Station
MONINA $1,269.25 Sunset Station
CAROLE $1,262.00 Red Rock
ANDY $1,260.00 GT
DOROTHY $1,260.00 GT
OTIE $1,260.00 Texas Station
ELISA $1,251.25 GT
PAUL $1,250.00 Boulder Station
REY $1,250.00 Boulder Station
TERRY $1,250.00 GT
DAVID $1,250.00 GT
ROBERT $1,250.00 GT
JANE $1,250.00 Green Valley Ranch
JANE $1,250.00 Green Valley Ranch
PATRICIA $1,250.00 Green Valley Ranch
LINDA $1,250.00 Green Valley Ranch
JASON $1,250.00 Green Valley Ranch
JASON $1,250.00 Green Valley Ranch
JASON $1,250.00 Green Valley Ranch
JOY $1,250.00 Red Rock
JOY $1,250.00 Red Rock
JOY $1,250.00 Red Rock
JOY $1,250.00 Red Rock
CARL $1,250.00 Red Rock
KATHRYN $1,250.00 Red Rock
ADRESE $1,250.00 Red Rock
JERRY $1,250.00 Santa Fe
BARIS $1,250.00 Sunset Station
ISABELLE $1,250.00 Sunset Station
MARY $1,241.00 Texas Station
SUSAN $1,240.00 GT
SCOTT $1,240.00 GT
JOSHUA $1,230.00 FH
MILLICENT $1,230.00 Red Rock
CHARLES $1,230.00 Red Rock
BRIAN $1,229.80 GT
RICK $1,229.00 GT
ISSAM $1,225.00 GT
SEVAN $1,225.00 Red Rock
IVAN $1,223.50 GT
OANH $1,220.00 Santa Fe
MARITES $1,218.11 GT
EDWARD $1,218.00 Sunset Station
IGNACIO $1,216.00 GT
ALAN $1,215.00 Red Rock
HILDER $1,214.00 Boulder Station
THOMAS $1,210.25 Green Valley Ranch
ESTHER $1,209.50 Palace Station
ELEANOR $1,209.40 GT
DOUGLAS $1,202.00 Boulder Station
BYRON $1,200.00 FH
CHRISTINA $1,200.00 GT
MARY $1,200.00 GT
LIMIN $1,200.00 GT
BLAIR $1,200.00 Green Valley Ranch
BONNIE $1,200.00 Green Valley Ranch
THOMAS $1,200.00 Red Rock
SUNCHA $1,200.00 Red Rock
Boarding Pass Rewards Card

Boarding Pass Player’s Club

Our Boarding Pass is the Guest Rewards Program that beats all the other casinos in Las Vegas. It's been voted "Best Players Club" 13 years in a row by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Membership is free and rewards for your Las Vegas gaming can be earned and redeemed at all Station Casinos properties.

  • Cash Back
  • Earn Points 3x Faster
  • The most choices
  • One Card

Offical Rules

Station Casinos winner Barbara

Casino Promotions

We keep things exciting all year-round by rolling out new and exciting gaming promotions on a regular basis. Find the best gambling deals, discounts and specials at Sunset Station!

Hollingswith Elementary School

Hollingsworth Elementary Donation Boxes

Donate your EZ Pay tickets!

100% of the proceeds benefit the children of Hollingsworth Elementary.

Donation boxes are conveniently located at every ticket redemption kiosk or make your donation at the Rewards Center to receive a donation verification slip.

Colorful glass ceiling inside Sunset Station

Gaming Doesn’t Get Any Better

Sunset Station is home to some of the best gaming off the Las Vegas Strip. With over 110,000 sq. ft. of gaming space, our casino gives you an incredible number of changes to hit the jackpot. There’s no wonder why we were awarded with the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s “Best Slots” and “Best Video Poker” awards – we’ve got the best machines in the entire Las Vegas Valley!

Video poker terminal showing four-of-a-kind Jacks with a 9 of hearts

100% Payback Video Poker

Are you a fan of video poker? Then you’re in luck, because Sunset Station offers all of your favorite 100% Payback Video Poker games, including Triple Pay Deuces and Reversible Royals. With more than 200 poker paytables certified to return over 100%, why would you play video poker anywhere else?

slot machines with blue mylar balloons above

The Best Slot Machines

Our slot machines take slots to the next level. Featuring over 2,400 of your favorite slot games, you could spend an entire vacation playing our slots and not even a put a dent into the selection. From our penny slots to our exclusive high-limit slot areas, Sunset’s got a slot machine for every taste and budget.

Blackjack tables at Sunset Statio with the Gaudi bar and ceiling in the background

Table Games Galore

With 35 gaming tables and games ranging from Pai Gow and Three Card Poker Progressive to Craps, Mini-Baccarat and $5 Double Deck Blackjack, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Sunset Station.

Race & Sports Book Sunset Station

Race and Sports Book

Not only does Sunset Station’s Race and Sports Book look like a bullfighting ring, it offers just as much excitement and action. With 300 seats and thirty, 70” plasma TVs, you’ll have a front row seat to all major race and sports events including baseball, pro and college football, basketball, NASCAR, boxing, horse racing and more.

Bingo card and daubers

Casino Bingo

Think bingo is for old folks? You’ve obviously never played it at Sunset Station! Our dedicated bingo hall is one of the largest in all of Las Vegas, seating up to 488 players at a time and providing for massive jackpots. Sessions are held daily every odd hour from 9 am to 11 pm.

White keno balls with red letters


You don’t have to spend big to win big at Keno. It starts at $1 per game at Sunset Station. Play all your favorite combinations in our comfortable Keno Lounge located between the Martini Bar and Pasta Cucina.

Sunset Station Credit Application

Credit Application

Playing your favorite games is easier than ever. No hassle and at your convenience the Sunset Station credit application is just a click away. 

For more information, please call (702) 547-7701 or (702) 547-7702.